OSHA 3133

Process Safety Management Guidelines for Compliance
Mechanical Integrity of Equipment
Quality Assurance

A quality assurance system helps ensure the use of proper materials of construction, the proper fabrication and inspection procedures, and appropriate installation procedures that recognize field installation concerns. The quality assurance program is an essential part of the mechanical integrity program and will help maintain the primary and secondary lines of defense designed into the process to prevent unwanted chemical releases or to control or mitigate a release. “As built” drawings, together with certifications of coded vessels and other equipment and of construction, must be verified and retained in the quality assurance documentation.

I I A R  –  RMP & PSM

Instructions for Compiling the Process Safety Information
Sub (3)

  • Drawings for instruments, vessels, piping.
  • Design specifications for piping, pressure vessels, pumps, heat exchangers, evaporators, and condensers.
  • A list of the system operating limits; and the: